A History of Araby House and North Richmond Street, Dublin, 1820-1998

Since the 1800s, Araby House and North Richmond Street have been part of the built heritage of Dublin’s characterful north inner city neighbourhood. They have also been home to generations of citizens—some famous; many forgotten. This social study demonstrates why out of all the streets that the writer, James Joyce, lived on, it is the “blind” North Richmond Street and its environs that commands the most attention in his great novels and short stories. At the same time, the study rescues from the dusty records of history dozens of gallant women, men and children who lived, worked and played here.

The Author, historian Michael Quinn, recounts the rich tale of North Richmond Street from its original respectability to its slow decline with reference to its most famous inhabitant, James Joyce, and with background historical documents. 54 pages with a bibliography of primary and secondary sources, endnotes and appendices.


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