Helen of Joyce: Trojan Horses in Ulysses

Helen of Troy: Trojan Horses in Ulysses
Helen of Troy: Trojan Horses in Ulysses



by Senan Molony

In this provocative new analysis of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Senan Molony shows Trojan horses scattered throughout the greatest literary masterpiece of the 20th century, and demonstrates that key characters have allegor­ical equivalents — from Cassandra to Menelaus and Agamemnon, even unto historical giants like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar.
These claims are confirmed by coded references in the text, undiscovered until now…. with Molly Bloom (Ulysses’ wife Penelope) becoming simul­taneously Helen of Troy, falling to gallant-buttocked Blazes Boylan at the novel’s climax.
Moreover central beauty Helen is linked to James’s paternal grandmother, Helena Joyce, née O’Connell.
You’ll never see Ulysses in the same light again as Joyce’s subtle subplot, operating alongside the Odyssey, is revealed — disclosing 1904 Dublin as the Troy of 1,250 years before Christ.

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