Cut&Paste: 2022

remembering Arthur Griffith

Historical Studies of the life and times of Arthur Griffith and his contemporaries.

A5 36 pages

In this issue:
Felix M Larkin: “Airbrushing Arthur Griffith’s Memory”
Brian Maye: “The Legacy of Arthur Griffith”
Marnie Haye: “The Rocky Road to the Amalgamation of the Sinn Féin movement, 1907
Colum Kenny: “Capturing Arthur Griffith on Camera”
Cormac O’Hanrahan and Des Gunning: “Memorialising Arthur Griffith from the Cenotaph, 1923 to a New Maquette”
Des Gunning: “Background to the Negotiations”
Cormac O’Hanrahan: “The Witness Statement of Maud Griffith and supplementary text”
John Curtis: “Arthur Griffith’s Association with two Freemen of Dublin City”
Karen Ardiff: Playing Arthur Griffith

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