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“The Kearneys” and Joe Duffy is intriqued…

Brendan Byrne @ Printwell Design

Congratulations to Brendan Byrne for his interview this afternoon on Joe Duffy’s “LIVELINE”, RTE Radio1. Joe interviewed Brendan about his new book “The Kearneys” and the gruesome vengeance that the local gentry took out on an innocent family—executing by hanging the elderly father and his two sons in Bohernabreena. Printwell Books worked on the design and printing of the book. Copies are extremely rare and only available (at the time of writing ) from Brendan. We will be delighted to handle any queries.

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The Kearney’s makes the Joe Duffy Self-Publishing Finals

The Kearneys

A researcher at RTE Radio 1 for the Joe Duffy Show, “Liveline” has contacted Printwell Books in regard to “The Kearneys” a short book transcribed from a manuscript by Brendan Byrne with printing and design by Printwell Books. Congratulations to Brendan and fingers crossed that it will make the radio show final round-up of Books of the Year.

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Helen of Joyce

Printwell Books announce a landmark critical revision of James Joyce’s Ulysses


You will never read Ulysses the same way again. A must for all Joyceans who are open to new ways of reading the greatest novel of the 20th Century. Senan Molony bridges the broken gap between the Dublin of 1904-1922 and the forgotten Greek myths of ancient Troy that underlie and explain the text for the mystified. You will never read Ulysses the same way again.