On the Mitch


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At just six years I started at the De la Salle brothers. Here the vile Brother Ferdinand sexually and physically abused me. A whole class of innocent children cowered under his brutality. No one would listen to us.

So I went on the mitch. I never really learned to read and write, and took to petty crime. Crime led to punishment, and that sent me straight back to Hell: this time in the form of the notorious Daingean “Reform” School.
Getting out meant the gangs, young marriage, and the tough life of the building sites of London.

I managed to survive the abuse of Brother Ferdinand.
Decades passed, and one day, by complete chance, I found he was alive. I tracked him down and confronted him…

Now read the reality of its effects—from the inside out.

This challenging redemption tale also traces a true-blue Dublin heritage—all along the banks of the Royal Canal. It is also a family story whose roots reach back through two centuries of harrowing Irish history—no-holds-barred. Often unsettling. This is not an easy read.

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